Brand : Smile Line - SWITZERLAND Category : Dental photography, Shade Taking
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To respond to a big demand, Smile Line's experts-consultants have selected a choice of three essential waxes of a superior quality :
High Precision Margin Wax
This is a red wax with superior characteristics for modelling all marginal areas (copings and inlays). This wax has almost no retraction - inert wax.
High Precision Inlay Wax
Hard modelling wax, light green color, for occlusal surfaces & inlays. It is extremely comfortable to carve. Its qualities allow it to be used also for milling works. The surface obtained after casting or pressing is extremely smooth.
High Precision Modelling Wax
This is a universal, hard wax, deep green color, for modelling (copings, frameworks). It has a very low retraction, burns without leaving any residues and provides a very nice working comfort.
Smile Line’s High Precision Waxes are all 100% organic.
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