VITIS Surgical Toothbrush

Brand : VITIS - SPAIN Category : Interdental Brushes
Rs.350 Rs.390

VITIS surgical (cirugia) is a toothbrush with extremely soft filaments that is designed specifically for people who have undergone surgery and require very gentle oral hygiene to avoid harming the areas that are in the process of healing. The VITIS surgical toothbrush has extremely soft filaments, arranged in a flat surface pattern for delicate oral hygiene after surgery, to prevent infection or other complications. This toothbrush provides the degree of filament hardness that is indicated for oral hygiene during postoperative periods (15 days after surgery) until the dentist authorises the use of a normal soft toothbrush. The VITIS surgical toothbrush is flexible, and can be bent to the best position for each oral cavity. Its handle is anatomic and provides anti-slip grooves for easy and comfortable brushing. It also has a protective cap that keeps filaments grouped together in optimally hygienic conditions. 

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