VITIS® Orthodontic Access

Brand : VITIS - SPAIN Category : Interdental Brushes
Rs.350 Rs.400

VITIS Orthodontic Access is a toothbrush with a smaller brush head that is designed specifically to remove oral biofilm from around orthodontic appliances and from areas that are difficult to access.

VITIS Orthodontic Access is a daily use toothbrush with a small brush head that facilitates access to the backmost portions of the mouth, to teeth that are undergoing the process of eruption, to malpositioned teeth, etc. Its soft and medium strength filaments are arranged in a V-shaped surface pattern, yielding a dual cleaning effect: besides cleaning hard-to-reach areas of orthodontic braces, where bacteria build up more easily, it also efficiently cleans the gum area.

The neck of the brush is flexible, and can be bent to the best position for your mouth, to improve brushing access. The handle is ergonomic and offers antislip grooves for easy use and a comfortable grip during brushing.

Its protective cap keeps filaments grouped together in optimally hygienic conditions.

Available in six colours: transparent, green, blue, red, yellow and purple. 

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