TTL Loupes

Brand : Admetec - ISRAEL Category : Dental Loupes

 Admetec TTL (Through The Lens) loupes are the best choice for personal use. These loupes are designed to integrate ergonomics and efficiency. Dentists and surgeons would enjoy using these loupes that provide overall comfort and an especially convenient neck posture of a user. Each pair of loupes is manufactured according to personal requirements  (such as IPD, working distance, eyesight prescription). Magnification available: 2.5x ( the best choice for general dental treatment as it provides a good amount of magnification without a decrease in either focal depth or brightness; wide field of view – 105-135mm) and 3.2x ( Field of view 75 mm~95 mm and depth of field 60~90 mm ) -recommended for microsurgery; higher level of magnification implies a a more detailed high -resolution view of a microscopic area.. We would offer you loupes optimal for your individual purposes (general or microsurgery) and demands (colour, frame, eye prescription).

      Frame                        Colours available              Outer correction              Inner correction              Power   Working distance   Field of View           Depth of Field

Admetec Titanium             Black/Gun/Blue                          +                                     +                              2.5x,        300-500mm        105~135mm         105mm~160mm

     CLASSIC                                                                                                                                               2.7x         300~500 mm       90~110mm           90mm~135mm

       JAZZ                          Orange/Blue/Black                                                                                             3.2x        300~500 mm       75~95mm             60mm~90mm

                                                                                                                                                                    4.0x        300~500mm        65~85mm             60m~80mm

   FeelMORY's                  Red,Orange,White,Black,Grey                                           

          Bolle ( plastic )       Gun


Nosepad and Temples     Black-Grey-Blue-Red-Yellow-White       

Morriz of SWEDEN Frame                                                                                                       

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