Trollbyte Kimera Sensor Holder

Brand : TrollDental - SWEDEN Category : X- Ray / Photo / Shade Machine
Rs.11400 Rs.13500

The key feature of the TrollByte Kimera is the use of two different high grade polymers, joined together in a single holder.
The result is a one-piece holder with a stiff arm and a softer, adjustable claw. The stiff arm ensures accuracy of sensor placement in the patient?s mouth. The softer claw allows you to finely adjust the tension to reduce the risk of tearing the sensor cover.

BLUE Refills for Anterior PA´s and Vertical Bitewing inlcude:
• 3 holders
• 3 Bite blocks for Anterior PA´s
• 1 Aiming ring

RED Refills for Horizontal Bitewing include:
• 3 holders
• 1 Aiming Ring

YELLOW Refills for Posterior PA`s and Horizontal Bitewing inlcude:
• 3 holders
• 1 Aiming Ring

• For indicator images
• The height of the block guarantees that the sensor holder does not interfere with the reamers or with the rubber dam clamp
• Also for ortho radial pictures of implants

KIT for Complete FMX inlcudes:
• 3 different holders
• 1 Aiming ring
• 1 Bite block

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