Piksters Interdental Dentalfloss 50

Brand : Piksters - AUSTRALIA Category : Dental Floss
Rs.550 Rs.590

 Piksters are an Interdental Brush that very effectively cleans the gaps between teeth removing food particles which may cause bad breath, plaque formation and gum disease. Piksters are like a toothpick with bristles . These bristles have the capacity to expand into the indents on the teeth surfaces, particularly at the gum line of molars and premolars. People with implants, crown and bridgework, braces or periodontal disease need to take special care of their teeth and Piksters makes this job a lot easier. Piksters are also reusable, every brush has a cap. Rinse the brush after each use, cap it and allow brush to dry between uses keeping the bristles clean. Made of tough nylon filament and stiff strong plastic coated wire, Piksters will resists buckling and bending. So small and compact they can be easily carried in a pocket or purse

  • Piksters have been found to be easier to use than floss and fits easily into your pocket or purse
  • Plastic coated wire make them safe to use around implants, braces and bridgework
  • Durable bristles compress on insertion and spring open on withdrawal making them excellent for cleaning in the difficult areas
  • A GREAT value; high quality brush offered in 10 different sizes at 1/2 the price of the leading brands
  • Cap allows brush to remain clean, good for multiple uses


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