Piksters Interdental Dentalfloss20

Brand : Piksters - AUSTRALIA Category : Dental Floss
Rs.350 Rs.400

 Piksters interdental brushes are a great new advance in oral hygiene. These interdental brushes come in a variety of sizes and they clean like dental floss, but are easier to use. They are very fine brushes that are used to clean in between teeth and hard to reach areas. 

Stronger, Stiffer, Plastic Coated Wire. Results in the wire resisting buckling, brushes last longer. Extra Durable PA612 Bristles. Deliver superior cleaning ability. Quality nylon bristles compress on insertion and spring open on withdrawal, cleaning furcations even better than floss.
Connector Cap can be used as an extension handle for easier use, or can be used to connect two different sized Piksters together for easier use. The cap also allows brush to dry between uses and keeps bristles clean.
Slim Ergonomic Compact Handle, allows the user to rotate the brush on insertion, resulting in less pressure being placed on the tip of the brush. Resulting in less bending of the wire. Due to the smart design of the slim compact handle, this results in less plastic per item = less overall waste.
Size 1 is part of the Piksters Connect System.

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