Nic Tone Rubber Dam Sheet-Blue -Heavy

Brand : Nic Tone - MEXICO Category : Nic Tone Rubber Dam
Rs.1300 Rs.1550

 Professional Latex sheet for the operatory area. Isolates from one single tooth to entire dental arch of operatory area and allows ample vision due to its contrasting colour. Prevents cross contamination and dental materials or instruments from falling into the oral cavity.


To isolate operatory area: Endodontics, Odontotherapy and Prosthetics


  • Exemplary rubber dam for air abrasion procedures
  • Isolates single tooth to entire dental arch 
  • Stretches up to 800% without tearing – including split dam
  • Ideal for intra-operative photos – exceptional colour contrast with oral tissues
  • Suitable for soft tissue retraction [just right for inversion]
  • Better elongation and resistance
  • Made with the finest latex and low in powder and protein 
  • Heavy or medium BLUE [36 sheets]
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