Brand : LM Dental - FINLAND Category : LM-MultiHolder system

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For establishing optimum working conditions for procedures at the gum line.



Three sizes

LM 7502 S for incisors, circa 60 pcs / package
LM 7504 M for premolars, circa 60 pcs / package
LM 7506 XL for molars, circa 60 pcs / package
LM 7500 Assortment package circa 90 pcs (30 pcs / size)

Benefits of LM-Gingival Retractors:

The plastic tips allow certain flexibility to get better adaptation

Perfect contrast with soft tissues

Hardness of the plastic allows a strong retraction

Personalization with burs is possible


No bonding of the adhesive materials to the tips surface

No significant interference with polymerization

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