Brand : STYLEITALIANO- ITALY Category : LM-MultiHolder system
Rs.5940 Rs.6100

 LM-MultiHolder instruments and different kinds of replaceable plastic working ends – a real multi-function instruments!

The gingival retracting kit includes:

  • LM-Gengiva / LM-MultiHolder PK III hand instrument
  • LM-Gingival Retractors (blue)
    • For establishing optimum working conditions for procedures at the gum line
    • Asssortment of three sizes (ca 90 pcs, 30 pcs/size):
      • S for incisors,
      • M for premolars,
      • XL for molars
  • LM-MultiLever
    • For the removal of disposable gingival retractors

Retraction is always a challenge and mechanical retraction can be traumatic for the gingiva when not done properly. The use of special LM-Gengiva gingival retracting kit has many advantages over the traditional rubber dam and retraction cords. LM-Gingival Retractors are used with LM-Gengiva instrument. The blue plastic working ends adapt tightly to the gingival margin in different teeth.

LM-Gengiva set has been developed in co-operation with Style Italiano, a group of passionate dentists specialized in aesthetic restorative dentistry.

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