KISM Ceramic Bur - K1SM.205.014

Brand : Komet Dental- Germany Category : Ceramics | CeraBur

The CeraBur K1SM, the newest addition to KOMET CeraLine of ceramic instruments, provides operators with minimally invasive excavation and helps them to preserve healthy dentin.


The CeraBur K1SM works on soft, carious dentin with minimized reduction of sound tooth structure. Operators will note its smooth operation and optimal cutting efficiency.


Key opinion leaders have commented about its performance.


"The key to direct restorative dentistry should always be based on maximizing remaining tooth structure," said Lou Graham, DDS, Chicago. "Part of this process is knowing when it's OK to stop drilling and begin restoring. The K1SM compliments this process and gives me the peace of mind that I have removed all the active caries."


The CeraBur K1SM eliminates the use of explorers and spoons for evaluating decay removal--a process that has been used for many years.


As the K1SM allows for tactile feeling, it tells the operator when it's safe to stop drilling.

Burs are available in four sizes--010, 014, 018 and 023 or in a kit (TD2009), and are recommended to be used at 1,500 rpm during slow-speed excavation.


Studies carried out by the University of Munster & Queen Mary University of London confirm the outstanding quality of the CeraBur K1SM. The study prepared by the Queen Mary University of London showed that the service life of the K1SM is three times as long as that of the round TUNGSTEN Carbide bur.

The CeraBur K1SM's white working part offers the user another advantage. It stands out better against the brownish shade of the carious dentin than a tungsten carbide instrument.


Made of ceramic material, the bur lasts longer, resists corrosion, and is less likely to be affected by disinfection and the cleaning process. Users are recommended not to use a metal brush for cleaning the bur.

Max 40000/min

Min    1500/min



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