Instruments set Sebastien Mosconi

Brand : Smile Line - SWITZERLAND Category : Dental Brushes, Tools & Instrument
Rs.30600 Rs.30800

 The sets INSTRUMENT by Smile Line represent the ultimate, the top in matter of instruments and tools for the dental technician. They have been thought and conceived to the attention of persons passioned by their work and its creative aspect - for you.

Maybe just one advice: don't forget your personal instruments set on a table: it may have disappeared at your return!
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Composition: 4100-VIL+4000-MOS, 4100-VIL+4000-SG1, 4100-VIL+FL-4020-ZR, 4100-VIL+4000-1, 4100-VIL+4000-P-R, 4100-VIL+4000-S2-S3
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