LM-EndoMax NiTi Files

Brand : LM Dental - FINLAND Category : LM-Endomax
Rs.1600 Rs.1700

LM’s endodontic hand files with large handles are supreme in ergonomics.

The material used for NiTi files differs from that used for K-files, whereas the file form is the same on both. NiTi (Nickel-Titanium) is an elastic material, which will return to its original shape after bending or deformation. The instrument tip is not used for cutting, which makes LM NiTi instruments ideal for the preparation of curved canals. Both a filing and rotating preparation motion are suitable for these instruments.

Soft and thick silicone handle improves the grip and makes filing and rotating more comfortable. LM-EndoMax files and reamers adhere to the contour of the canal, cleaning all surfaces evenly and effectively.

 Improved tactile sensitivity
 Greater working comfort
 Improved torque and force transmission
 Visible identification labels
 Color coding according to ISO specifications


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