LM-EndoMax Hedstroems

Brand : LM Dental - FINLAND Category : LM-Endomax
Rs.1010 Rs.1100


LM’s endodontic hand files with large handles are supreme in ergonomics.

The blade on LM-Hedstroem files is milled instead of twisted like on other root canal instruments. Especially well suited to procedures where space is made for the root canal orifice (coronal flare). Hedstroem files are only intended for use with filing, back-and-forth preparation motions.

Soft and thick silicone handle improves the grip and makes filing and rotating more comfortable. LM-EndoMax files and reamers adhere to the contour of the canal, cleaning all surfaces evenly and effectively.

 Improved tactile sensitivity
 Greater working comfort
 Improved torque and force transmission
 Visible identification labels
 Color coding according to ISO specifications


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