Brand : LM Dental - FINLAND Category : LM-ErgoMix with LM-DuraGradeMax steel tips
Rs.4820 Rs.4900


LM-ErgoMix hand instrument series offers the dental team a specially economical, ecological and ergonomic alternative.

You can forget sharpening, but still work always with the best cutting edge. When ever tyou feel a need for a tip replacement, simply open the lock grip, insert a new tip and close the lock grip. No extra tools needed!

The instruments with special alloyed LM-DuraGradeMAX super steel tips guarantee long lasting sharpness. Instrument series for implant maintenance are made of sensitive and still effective titanium, which will not harm the abutments.

Use LM-ErgoMix instruments in the normal way, clean and sterilize it like any other instrument. The sealed construction guarantees high level of hygiene.

Take the green way to sharpness!

Benefits of retipping

 Always sharp instruments
 Saves time from sharpening
 Minimizes waste
 Enables personalized tip combinations
 Area specific curette for the removal of deep subgingival calculus. For the finishing of subgingival root surfaces.
 For premolars’ and molars’ distal surfaces.


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