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India Viking is a company set up by Global Master Mariners: Captain Vivek Bhasin and Captain Sharat Bhasin. The concept of serving BEST Dental Products Online came when the brothers looked at advancements of the Dental Vertical in India but the lack of world class products and services. Quite a jump from the oceans of the world but having lived travelled and worked through 115 countries, the Captains' wish to give back to both the Dentist and the Indian consumer; the latter laying so much emphasis on Health and Beauty (H&B) but completely ignoring Oral Health the most essential aspect of H&B.

Our General Manager Mr Reji George has over 20 years in the Dental Business and is known by the entire Dental Fraternity in India.

A good Oral Hygiene regimen is essential to maintain an excellent life style as most ailments start from the oral region and get worse if not treated. First Impressions are essential to say the least but if a person has bad oral hygiene trouble brews....!

This company is one stop solution to buy dental products online in India. Here, you can find different dental euiqpments of international brands which have positive reviews. Keeping the... Read More

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