Pioneering instrument ergonomics and ultrasonic expertise
LM-Dental, founded in 1973, develops, produces and markets high-tech dental hand instruments and their Dental Tracking System together with ultrasonic devices, orthodontic appliances and more. With the innovative product design and high-tech production technology systems, LM-Dental is the first in the world to offer high-quality tools for both manual and mechanical dental instrumentation.

Dental Tracking System(DTS): The very first unique DTS has been installed at Vishnu Dental College, Bhimavaram, India. The first in India, the First in Asia. SEE VIDEO BELOW!! ( and contact us for a full demo!!)
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Innovative partner
Whether it comes to the design or the production of the LM-Dental instruments, LM-Dental focus on the specific needs of the dental experts. LM Dental is in a constant communication with the end users of our products to keep our product development on the cutting edge. The leader in instruments and ergonomic handles, the latest LM-ErgoSense handle is a future icon in dentistry.

Additionally with contemporary coating technology we are able add on additional features, that offer unique benefits for you and your patient. Sharpen free periodontal and non-stick restorative instruments are finally reality. In addition to the new level of ergonomics, LM-ErgoSense offers new opportunities with its built-in RFID technology, which together with scanning readers and software create a unique Dental Tracking System.

High-tech production technology
Like every true professional we also aim for the ultimate perfection in our work. LM-Dental devotes its entire product development and production process to achieve the best possible quality in all our products for you to have the very best tools to work with. We deliver the highest of quality to guarantee your success in the treatment results. All LM-Dental products are produced in Finland combining high-tech production technology with handmade craftsmanship to gain a top-quality end result and highest functionality.

HANDLES: The Hand Instruments come in with various SILICONE handles however the most POPULAR in terms of efficacy are ErgoMax ( XSI) and Ergo Sense (ES) : super advanced that can have a micro chip inserted for tracking and safety. Both handles drastically reduce or may completely remove Carpel Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)that Dentists experience using inferior instruments. All instruments are fully autoclavable.

ES = Ergo Sense handle (price is 15% more than the XSI = Ergo Max Handle)
XSI = ErgoMax Handle







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