Feasible, teachable and repeatable: the Styleitaliano recipe for a daily success dentistry.

StyleItaliano. Italia Founded in 2008 by Prof. Angelo Putignano and Dr. Walter Devoto, Style Italiano quickly developed into what it is today, a rapidly growing community of global skilled dental practitioners who contribute their ideas to bring more simplicity and predictability into everyday dental procedures. LM Arte instruments powered by style italiano is  a range of innovative instruments for aesthetic stratification. The instruments were developed by LM and Style Italiano with the latest concepts in layering and aesthetic dentistry. Five unique instruments with an Italian name, eccesso (excess), condensa (condense), misura (measure), fissura (fissure) and applica (apply), modella (model) applica twist (apply) and the latest addtional misura posterior (measure)

A new range of LM-Arte Implant Misuras; a 5 instrument set with distal spacing from 3.0 to 6.3 mm was launched in 2017.


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