Sangsi- Republic of Korea

Sangsi- Republic of Korea


Sangsi brings with them ultra morden South Korean technology  in dental sector. Sangsi bring with them high quality product and service from 2005. They have patent Embossed Bristles. Which help in maximum bacterial and plaque removal.The Long and Lean Bristle is highly effective against plaque between the individual teeth.

In addition with a collaboration with INDIA VIKING 2 new brushes have been launched in the India Market.

These are: SILVER NANO SUPREME and SILVER NANO ORTHODONTIC BRUSH  ( as explained below..):

The Short and Stout Bristle is highly effective against plaque between the gums and teeth. The part where the bristles are attached to the head can be full of bacteria such as Streptococcus, which causes oral cavity. Antibacterial test for Silver Nano toothbrushes was successfully verified. In the first experiment, a Silver Nano toothbrush was submerged on a culture medium of Streptococcus. The results were positive as bactericidal and antifungal inhibition were not shown. In the second experiment, both Nano toothbrush and ordinary toothbrush were rinsed after brushing. As a result of culturing, the bacterial proliferation was significantly lower in that of the Nano toothbrush than in the ordinary toothbrush. The Silver Nano toothbrush proved its capability in restraining the remaining bacteria. In conclusion, the Silver Nano toothbrush contains a harmless residual bacterial inhibitory effect rather than bacterial sterilization.


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