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Interprox - <span>SPAIN</span>

Choosing Interprox Interdental Brushes from Spain is a wise decision as Interprox is the widest range of interproximal toothbrushes developed by oral health professionals for the complete elimination of oral biofilms in interdental spaces.
The quality of the toothbrushes is ensured by ISO 16409, which guarantees its durability over time. The Interprox® range is made of high quality Tynex® filaments. The filaments are interwoven with a metal wire coated with an insulating plastic material to prevent bimetallic sensitivity and protect the gums.
Interprox can adapt to all spaces. Its design includes cylindrical and conical heads. The former are particularly suitable for the frontal areas, the latter being best suited for interdental cleaning of molars and premolars.
Depending on the shape of the head and other technical features, the range is divided into two types of brushes: Interprox®4G and Interprox® Plus. All toothbrushes can be used for cleaning the interproximal spaces of the entire oral cavity, even though for a more comfortable use, the Interprox® Plus for the rear area is recommended (corner head provides convenient access), Interprox® 4G for front interproximal spaces (the protective cap joins the handle to facilitate access to the back areas, thanks to the flexible body and without "memory effect").

In addition, the toothbrushes have a protective cap to ensure optimal hygiene after use and easy portability. 

Get the quality Interprox interdental brushes from Spain to serve best treatment to the patients and gift a happy smile.

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